Positioning Your Company to Win in the Fast-Expanding Yet Highly Competitive Oncology Market

Competition in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to increase dramatically over the rest of the decade, with the market for specialty therapeutics in oncology projected to double between 2010 and 2020. The competition for oncology patients is already fierce, as new and established companies alike compete for market share among a select group of oncologists, doubling down on sales force efforts with an array of new therapies.

ZS Associates possesses deep expertise on how pharmaceutical companies can develop, market and sell successful oncology therapies. We have helped many companies address issues across the lifecycle of their oncology products:

  • In early development, how do you prioritize disease-area opportunities across a product pipeline in ways that complement your existing commercial product portfolio?
  • During late-stage development, how do you design clinical trials that will maximize revenue for drugs that provide benefits to only small subsets of oncology patients?
  • Prior to product launch, for example, how can we determine the investments and promotional activities necessary to motivate common patient testing for new drugs requiring a companion diagnostic?
  • In the product’s core growth phase, how do we strike the right mix of personal and nonpersonal sales promotion as the market matures?
  • As our product matures and nears patent expiration, what kind of co-positioning is necessary to differentiate between our present drug and our next-generation molecule?

Pharmaceutical companies need rigorous, fact-based and practical answers to these and other key questions to generate strong returns on their oncology investments. ZS has over a decade of experience working with leading oncology manufacturers to ensure success for their products across the drug development and commercialization life cycle.

Maximize Oncology Investments at Every Stage of the Product Life Cycle

ZS helps pharmaceutical companies maximize the performance of oncology products throughout their life cycles, from early-stage development and clinical trials to launch planning, execution and product maturation. We have helped our oncology clients, including many industry-leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, at both the product portfolio and individual product levels.

We help established and emerging oncology clients stay ahead of scientific, clinical and commercial trends that change rapidly. Through deep knowledge of the unique dynamics of treatments, familiarity with the multiplicity of oncology data sources, and a broad perspective on the fast-evolving regulatory and reimbursement environment, ZS can increase the chances of success for your oncology investments.

ZS can help oncology drug manufacturers and oncology diagnostics companies:

  • Improve forecasting – Better assess the value of your company’s portfolio by  modeling the dynamic epidemiology of cancer treatment and evaluating molecules in the development pipeline.
  • Accurately track  product performance – Incisively understand product usage in patient segments by using the latest data sources and advanced research methods.
  • Sharpen sales force strategy – Determine why sales professionals are getting restricted access to prescribers, and how to change the sales model so that marketing messages get through.
  • Raise sales force effectiveness – Provide guidance on the influence of healthcare institutions over the physician prescription decision, and help develop a database on oncologists so that salespeople understand where they practice, their hospital affiliations and other vital information.

ZS Associates brings together multiple areas of expertise—therapeutic depth, qualitative market research and quantitative research skills, modeling and data analysis capabilities, and field experience—to help our clients improve throughout every facet of their path to oncology product commercialization.

Why Is ZS the Consulting Partner of Choice in Oncology?

With abundant growth opportunities for pharmaceutical firms in the oncology market, more and more consulting firms are positioning themselves in this space. Oncology therapies have already become more sophisticated (e.g. paired with companion diagnostics, leveraging antibody drug conjugation technology) and competition for cancer patients has grown more intense.

So what has made ZS Associates the consulting firm of choice for many leading pharmaceutical firms? Our clients turn to us for three core reasons:

  • We have the ability to bring together expertise across all stages of the oncology product life cycle to knit together our clients’ strategy, marketing, sales and operations. Oncology drug manufacturers and diagnostics companies must more effectively position their products, structure and deploy their sales forces, and execute against their plans to win in this increasingly competitive market.
  • We offer deep knowledge of more than 20 different oncology therapy areas, which is insight that goes back more than a decade and has been used by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
  • Our people have great passion for helping the most promising scientific and clinical oncology advancements obtain rapid approval by regulatory and reimbursement authorities so they can save millions of lives.