Make Sales and Marketing Decisions Based on Integrated Data

Are Your Sales and Marketing Decisions Based on Integrated Data or Just Noise?

In many industries, product differentiation has shrunk and competition has increased. A single piece of integrated business intelligence can be the difference between making a lucrative sales and marketing decision or making a decision that leads to disaster.

A high-tech company selling dedicated servers, for instance, needs to know to which of its enterprise customers its sales force should be focusing it messages of service and efficiency. Having the wrong market data or poor internal sales integration could lead to sub-optimal choices – and lost market share.

Do you need to rethink your company’s approach to analytical support? Ask yourself the following questions to evaluate your sales and marketing decision-support capabilities:

  • Is it taking longer (and with more resources) to generate critical analytics for an important sales and marketing decisions? And are those important decisions usually paying off?
  • Do your reports and dashboards simply list numbers or do they provide you with actionable insights?
  • Do you leverage all of your available internal and 3rd party data streams or are some unused?
  • Are your KPIs really describing how your company is performing across markets and customer segments to the right levels of the organization?

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