Customer Insights

Leveraging Customer Insights to Deliver Growth

Customer-centric organizations are powered by relevant customer insights. Life sciences companies need to intimately understand their customers’ needs, perceptions, attitudes, emotions and behaviors—all of which is essential to sales and marketing success.

Across many industries, market research is the foundation for everything from product development to in-line marketing. Life sciences marketers appreciate the value of identifying perceptive customer insights as early in the life cycle as possible, but often are constrained by limited resources and pressure to avoid risks, which hampers their innovation.

The fact is that life sciences organizations need market research as much as other industries, if not more. They face an increasingly competitive landscape and pressure to do more with less, which means every decision needs to be well-informed.

Life Sciences Expertise

With deep expertise in the complex life sciences industry, ZS has helped companies make evidence-based decisions—from early clinical development through the end of the life cycle—for over 30 years. Our clients use customer insights to create customer value, develop competitive advantage and accelerate their business growth.

Customized and Versatile Methodologies

Our experience with a broad range of custom research methodologies and secondary data sources allows us to deliver on three promises for you:

  • First, we will design the right approach to answer your questions—customized for your specific business decision.
  • Second, we’re methodology and data source agnostic, focused on ensuring you get the answers that you need. Focus groups, ethnography, conjoint analysis and patient-level data analytics are just a few of the tools we use.
  • Third, we can provide a single synthesized point of view by integrating findings from across multiple insight sources. 

Flexible, Cost-Effective Infrastructure

We recognize that your customer insight needs are variable. Sometimes you need custom, consultative research informing mission-critical, multi-million-dollar decisions. At other times you need a partner who can execute and operationalize repetitive, standardized research. 

ZS has the capability to deliver on this complete spectrum of customer insight needs. We’ve spent years perfecting our onshore-offshore infrastructure that delivers the optimal balance of quality and cost efficiency to our clients.

Some top pharmaceutical companies come to us for a meaningful proportion of their customer insight needs because they understand the value of a partner who provides continuity, possesses organizational savvy and has quick access to historical information. These clients appreciate how we leverage existing market research and data analyses, as well as relevant learnings from other ZS consulting work, to provide better-informed guidance on where to invest for incremental insight. 

Why ZS: The Many Ways We Bring Value

As a consulting organization with a world-class customer insights function, we believe that customer insight is the foundation of objective-based decision-making. Our clients agree. We are proud that so many life sciences companies trust ZS to support their most important decisions. Annually, ZS conducts primary market research for approximately 100 life sciences companies.

In our customer insights work, ZS aligns the right rigor, methodology, technique and data with the decision at hand. The diversity and breadth of the total ZS organization allows us to bring integrated solutions, provide world-class thought leadership and ensure customer insights are optimally leveraged for maximum business impact.

Our knowledge and appreciation for both marketing and sales issues ensures insights are translated into recommendations that can actually be implemented. From R&D to the point of sale, our Customer Insights organization delivers objective-driven research that enables more successful product launches, sustained sales growth and higher market share for life sciences organizations.