Customer Insights

Increase Customer Insight to Make Better Sales and Marketing Decisions

A clear understanding of customer needs, buying processes, buying preferences, perceptions, and potential is essential to sales and marketing success. ZS develops customer insights to help clients answer questions such as:

  • What are the prevalent customer needs and priorities in the target market?
  • What is the customer buying process and what are the key decision criteria? 
  • What drives customer satisfaction and loyalty? 
  • How do key decision influencers perceive our value proposition versus alternatives? 
  • How responsive have customers been to the marketing campaign? How can performance be increased? 
  • How likely are customers to buy a new market offering?

ZS uses qualitative and quantitative approaches spanning both primary and secondary data-based approaches to provide clients with customer insights. Every year, ZS conducts hundreds of focus groups, thousands of customer interviews, and tens of thousands of customer surveys. We also employ quantitative methods such as conjoint analysis and choice modeling to uncover customer information. ZS helps develop customer insights that:

  • Guide product development 
  • Facilitate the development of actionable segmentation strategies 
  • Enable development of optimal go-to-market strategies 
  • Support planning and rollout for new product launches and campaigns 
  • Track customer response and performance

ZS develops customer insights based on the specific facts critical for effective sales and marketing strategy and implementation. Our clients gain competitive advantage through the innovative and leading approaches we employ, and through our ability to link customer insights to critical strategy and implementation decisions.

Our marketing science, strategy, and implementation specialists work closely with client organizations to ensure the most cost-effective approaches and strong buy-in from key sales and marketing stakeholders.